Additional Services

In addition to our custom branded wireless ecommerce solutions and MVNO platform, we offer a suite of services designed to compliment your existing product offerings, expand your business, retain your customers and increase your revenue


Staying connected isn’t just about voice, email or data anymore. Simplexity offers a suite of products and services that leverage wireless connectivity to give your customers more control and power.

Satellite TV
    • DISH Network is a leading television provider at the forefront of innovation, delivering content to virtually any web-enabled mobile device. DISH Network’s technology allows your customers to stream live television programming to any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet, and delivers DVR content to anywhere in the world
    • Arguably, nothing has changed the landscape of America more than broadband service and there are few places where your customers have as many options under one roof including mobile broadband, cable broadband, DSL and fiber
    • Most people don’t realize that the smartphone they just bought for next to nothing really costs over $500...until they find themselves in a situation where they need to replace it before they are eligible to upgrade.  Our Device Protection service allows your valued customers’ hassle-free repair or replacement of their device in the event it is damaged or stolen – without a deductible 
    • Offer your loyal customers a safe and easy way to safely dispose of their old phones and make a few dollars in the process. Not all recycling programs are created equally and we think that ours is one of the best. Not only do we recycle thousands of phones each month, but we also accept most other small electronics