Solutions for Any Objective

Are you a current wireless retailer looking to expand or enhance your wireless offerings? Or a marketing company looking for more options in the wireless space? Or an electronics manufacturer looking to enable your equipment with wireless connectivity and add a revenue stream from wireless services? Or a CLEC looking to add wireless services to your bundled offering? Whatever the case may be, if you need help with customized wireless services, Simplexity MVNO Services can help.


Incremental Recurring Revenue

Are you tired of experiencing stagnant or declining revenue from sales of wireless services? With the help of Simplexity MVNO Services, a private label wireless offering may be the solution you need. Rather than a one-time commission or referral fee for finding a new wireless customer, a branded wireless service allows you to achieve a recurring, incremental revenue stream.


Rewards / Loyalty Programs

Whether you have an existing program or are looking to start one from scratch, Simplexity MVNO Services can help you include wireless services in your rewards and loyalty programs. Your customers can earn points based on their monthly wireless spend. Or they can earn free wireless minutes or wireless data based on points earned from other purchases. Either way, a private label mobile offering allows you to provide customer benefits from products that most people cannot live without.


Customer Retention

Are your customers buying wireless enabled products from you but getting their service from someone else? Are you signing-up customers on a wireless service plan only to have the service provider take over the relationship? Or worse yet, are your customers not buying wireless products from you at all because your offering is exactly the same as every other store? We can help. Simplexity MVNO Services can develop private labeled wireless services that are tailored to your customers’ needs. Whether you need plans for light or heavy users, customers with or without credit, monthly recurring or pay-as-you-go customers, or data or voice patrons, customized wireless offerings can help you retain the customer relationships you’ve worked so hard to forge.


Differentiated Product Offering

Almost every retailer and sales channel sells the exact same wireless rate plans. Wireless plans today seem to follow Henry Ford’s adage that “the customer can have a car painted any colour he wants so long as it's black.” The problem, of course, is that today’s wireless consumers are more educated, sophisticated and demanding than ever. Since today’s wireless consumers will proactively seek out more choices, why not uniquely position yourself to give them what they want? Simplexity MVNO Services can help you develop customized, private labeled wireless services to add to or replace existing service offerings. You can create as many variations as necessary to address the needs of your customers.


Promote Your Brand Promise

What does your brand represent? Everyday low prices? Outstanding customer service? Elegant and sophisticated? Simple and easy? Highest quality? Today’s limited options in wireless services make it difficult to add these to your portfolio in a way that provides meaningful support of your brand promise. Most wireless carriers offer the same products and the same rate plans. That can all change with a private label wireless offering from Simplexity MVNO Services. You choose the value proposition. You choose the pricing. You choose the product offering. You take control of your brand promise.