Data, Voice, and M2M

Connectivity Is Constant

Mobile voice communications are limited by the number of minutes in a day. Mobile data communications are limitless. As speeds accelerate from 3G to 4G and beyond, average monthly data use for an individual user has gone from megabytes to gigabytes. Selling mobile data service, along with supported devices such as laptops, smartphones, MiFi's and USB modems allows you to expand both your product and service offerings, increase your revenues, and retain your customers.

Mobile data is on the verge of exponential growth – capitalize on the opportunities for connectivity.  

Highly Customizable Solutions for Your Market

Wireless voice services are increasingly becoming a commodity, but creative bundles can serve specific market segments. Our platform allows you to tailor your offering and deliver a service that makes sense for your customer base.

  • Offer wireless with your core products to create a new bundle
  • Decide which calls are free – mobile to mobile, family plan numbers, friends and family, nights and weekends, office numbers, or anything else
  • Combine features like SMS, data, or international calling with the right selection of devices to craft the right service offering to meet the needs of your target segments

Capture market share in wireless by adding value where no one else can.


Connectivity In Unconventional Places

Machine to machine or M2M applications describe devices that transmit information to an application via a wireless network. Opportunities exist in almost any industry – think GPS systems with automated traffic alerts, pacemaker monitoring systems, location-based services, and retail couponing. All of these are examples of how M2M applications are increasingly penetrating virtually every industry, a trend which will only accelerate as mobile data reaches 4G speeds and market coverage expands. Simplexity MVNO Services offers end-to-end solutions to provision, activate, and monitor device usage in a seamless customer experience. Leverage automation to drive intelligence in your business, in ways that have never before been possible.