Management Support Module

All services are supported by our Management Support module and include on-demand summarized reports, program management services, product catalog maintenance, and participation in technology planning and roadmap development. We staff a team of wireless experts on each project including program management, process and requirements management, operations, and technology.

  • On-demand Reporting
    Includes reporting on orders, activations, shipments, conversion rate, returns, total subscribers, customer care statistics, billing data, and inventory.
  • Program Management
    Includes active SLA management, issue tracking and management, organization of program governance, and overall project coordination and delivery.
  • Product Catalog Maintenance
    Includes configuration, quality assurance, and deployment of updates to supported devices, service plans, and features. We offer rapid rollout and implementation of new devices and plans, to web merchandising and billing system product catalogs.
  • Participation in Technology Planning and Roadmap Development
    Includes joint planning for future service offerings, resource estimation and feasibility analysis for requested technology projects.