Fulfillment Module

Managing inventory and device logistics can be tricky, and for many MVNOs, it’s an entirely new business function. Forward logistics, reverse logistics, inventory management, device sourcing and fulfillment quality are all core competencies for us – and so critical to our business that we manage them in-house with our own distribution facility.

  • Quality and Scalability
    Our distribution operations support activations and fulfillment for major wireless carriers and the nation’s leading retail brands, with the flexibility to scale during times of seasonal volume fluctuation while at the same time maintaining quality and speed service levels.
  • Embedded FedEx Hub
    We are one of the few nationwide distribution operations to maintain an embedded FedEx Hub directly within our facility, staffed by FedEx, allowing lag-free tracking and dedicated pickups.
  • Logistics Designed for Wireless
    Our end-to-end distribution process is specifically designed to support shipping activated wireless devices on a large scale. Where other providers excel at bulk palletized shipments, we excel at direct-to-consumer shipments of activated devices – again focused on providing the best customer experience for our partners.