Fraud and Risk Module

Wireless devices are expensive. You will find that your stores – online and physical – are unfortunately a target for fraudulent activity. To combat this, we have implemented industry-leading fraud mitigation tactics to minimize your inventory loss due to fraud, thereby preventing P&L crippling chargebacks.

  • Velocity Screening
    We monitor velocity against common order data such as shipping address, email address, name, and credit cards, looking for re-appearing patterns as well as matches against our historical fraud blacklist, compiled across hundreds of online web stores and carrier-reported fraud data.
  • PC and Voice Fingerprinting
    To help determine the identity of the buyer on potentially risky orders, we leverage tools such as PC fingerprinting to determine whether previous orders have arrived from the same PC, or Voice identification to determine whether the same individual responds to identity requests on multiple orders.
  • External Bureau Verification
    We integrate with a number of external bureaus to assist our clients in risk assessment, revenue scoring based on wireless propensity to pay, and address verification services.