Activation Module

Provisioning your customers is the key to beginning your relationship with them. This will be their first window into how you will perform as a service provider. We make this incredibly easy, with automation to handle and route each customer according to your workflow business rules.

  • Focus on Customer Experience
    Our processes are geared towards ensuring a customer’s device is fully activated and provisioned prior to shipping. This proprietary workflow achieves an optimal customer experience and dramatically reduces the likelihood of customer churn.
  • Optimization of Workflow
    Fraud screening, Risk Assessment, Payment Authorization, and Number Porting (e.g. transfers) are just a few of the more difficult hurdles to navigate while processing a wireless order. Our yield management system, based on years of analysis and technology investment, ensures that you maximize sales from every incoming order.
  • Automated Carrier Activation
    Our platforms integrate via MNO APIs to perform automated activation of devices, with the goal of minimizing customer care costs and manual processing costs for MVNOs.